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The Center for Environment Consulting and Auditing(Center ECA) is the first company in Ukraine that provides a broad spectrum of services in the area of environmental protection in accordance with international standards and requirements. 


Center ECA assists foreign and national investors, enterprises, state, public and private companies and organizations in undertaking effective environmental management measures.  Center ECA also assists with implementation of environmental policies and streamlining of environmental activities by providing high quality technical informational and practical services in the area of environmental protection.

Center ECA is included in a number of environmental audit registers in Ukraine and abroad.



Personnel The personnel of the Center consist of experienced specialists in the following areas: ecological consulting and auditing, energy conservation, Remote Sensing, GIS, mathematic modeling, and environmental education. Specialists are certified as environmental auditors in accordance with national and international requirements.



  Environmental auditing

  • Due diligence

  • Regulatory compliance with the requirements of national legislation, EBRD and WB performance indicators

  • Site assessments (soils and groundwaters contamination)

  • Single issue audits (wastes, air, water, soils)

  • Environmental management systems 

  • Organizing training on environmental audits at the enterprises

  Ecological consulting

  • Preparation of strategic and analytical documents, concepts, programs and assessments

  • Development of the Social Responsibility reports

  • Development of ecological policies, statements, risk assessments and environmental management plans for enterprises

  • Analysis of encological legislation and development of data bases of ecological information

  • Assessment of national regulation on ts correspondence with EU Directives

  • Development, information support, and implementation of environmental projects;

  • Organization and conduction of ecological training, seminars, and public discussions

  • Educational activities in the area of environmental protection and rational use of natural resources

 GIS and Remote Sensing application

  • Development and application of Remote Sensing and GIS technologies for environmental protection and rational use of natural resources

  • Processing, classification and interpretation of RS data for the environmental decision making