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CECA conducted over 160 Environmental, Health and Safety Audits, risk assessments and site assessments, developed Stakeholders Engagement Plans and EHS Management Plans in compliance with corporate policy, national legislation, EU Directives, environmental and socials standards of EBRD, IFC performance standards for the following industrial enterprises:
  • Chemical industry (pharmaceuticals, paint and resins
  • Oil and gas (petroleum storage depot, petroleum distribution network, refinery)
  • Pulp and paper
  • Mining
  • Non-ferrous
  • Production of construction materials
  • Alternative energy
  • Infrastructure
  • Machine building
  • Waste management
  • Water Supply/Wastewater Treatment Facility
  • Food industry


IFC study on industrial and municipal wastes management in Russia and Ukraine (IFC, 2011-2012)

Environmental Strategy of Ukraine by the year 2020 and National Environmental Action Plan for 2009-2014. Assistance in approximation of Ukrainian legislation with requirements of EU Environmental Directives. (UEPLAC/EU,2009-2010)

Management of the Projects “National Biosafety network of Ukraine” (2008) and “Biosafety Clearinghouse Mechanism” (GEF/UNEP, 2009).

Assistance in drafting and assessment of Twinning Project “Environmental Certification and Environmental Audit” (the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine, 2008-2011).

Assessment of MSDS requirements and compiling data base of environmental legislation of Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan ( GDI, 2007-2008)

Environmental Performance Review of Ukraine (UNECE, 2007)

Assessment “Financial instruments for implementation of Kyoto Protocol in Ukraine” (the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine, 2007).

World Bank report: Ukraine. Green Investment Schemes Options in Accordance to Kyoto Protocol, November 2007.

Barriers in financing and investments under green investment scheme (GIS), Climate Focus and Vertis Environmental Finance, (Vertis,2006)

Assistance in elaboration of the Performance Review of the National Environmental Protection Fund of Ukraine (OECD, 2006).

Methodology on Conducting the Environmental Audit in Ukraine (the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine, 2006).

Assistance in drafting the Technical Assistance program for SIDA in the area of environmental protection for 2006-2009 (SIDA, 2005).

Regulatory requirements to usage of hazardous chemicals in Ukraine (ERM, 2005)