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The Center for Environment Consulting and Auditing(Center ECA) is the first company in Ukraine that provides a broad spectrum of services in the area of environmental protection in accordance with international standards and requirements. 

Being established in March 2005, it received recognition and broaden its partnership to a number of national and international agencies and companies.


It succeeded in tender of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine on elaboration of the Methodology for conducting environmental auditing in Ukraine. In cooperation with and being supported by the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine, CECA organized a number of training on environmental auditing for 40 largest industries in Ukraine.


Less than for one year the Center successfully conducted environmental audits (Phase 1 and Phase 2 due diligence audit) of the enterprises in 9 oblasts of Ukraine while working for the clients from Finland, UK, Russia, Poland, the Netherlands, USA.


Consulting services including development of ecological policies and statements, preparation of strategic and analytical documents, concepts, programs, and reports; development and implementation of environmental projects were provided for such clients as OECD, SEPA, OSCE, UNEP. 

The Center main objectives include the following:

  • Collaboration development and providing services to national and international public, scientific, non-governmental, and private organizations;

  • Providing technical, informational and methodological assistance to support effective administrative decision-making process by governmental bodies, non-governmental and business organizations for implementing environmental programs and activity optimization;

  • Integration of modern information, remote sensing, and Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies for ensuring scientifically grounded and objective analysis, as well as qualitative recommendations and innovative decisions in environment protection and rational nature management;


       Center ECA cooperates with such organizations as:

       Global Decisions Inc, USA

       ETR-Consult- Germany Consult

       State Ecological Institute and the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine

       ILS – Ukraine Company

       ÅCÎÌÌ Company  




The study on industrial and municipal waste in Russia and Ukraine was launched by International Finance Corporation (IFC) in the framework of the Cleaner Production Program in Russia and Ukraine. The program focuses on those sectors and projects deemed to be most attractive for IFC CP investments.

Center for Environmental Consulting and Auditing (ÑECA; UA) in cooperation with Ecorem (Belgium) and Eco-System (RF) won a tender of IFC for conducting the study.

The aim of the study is to fulfill the following objectives:

  • draw a map of key waste streams in Russia and Ukraine;

  • estimate potential for waste prevention and treatment, associated technologies and typical project economics;

  • outline policy recommendations to realize the identified potential, unlock the market for operators and stimulate sustainable waste treatment practices.

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